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Hoxro LMS Case Management System has developed a comprehensive and innovative legal software, which we believe is a game changer in terms of user experience. We have consulted a broad range of legal professionals, namely Solicitors, Legal Executives and Barristers on what they would expect in a 21st Century Legal Management System. The feedback was illuminating. There was broad consensus was that the system should have:
Intuitive User Interface
Comprehensive list of Features & Functions
Security & Compliance
Integration & Migration
Product Pricing
Enabling Flexible Working
Fresh Design
Have mobile applications
Hoxro LMS Case Management System is cutting-edge legal technology that cuts out the complexity.
One Window Interface
Designed to save you time and maximize efficiency. Relevant features are logically and intuitively positioned. Execute different functions without having to open multiple windows. Create documents with ease, record communications swiftly and accurately, skip from case to case without losing track, Hoxro LMS Case Management System handles all these from within our flexible and familiar 3 paneled screen.
One Window Interface - HOXRO LMS
Manage Every Aspect - HOXRO LMS
Manage Every Aspect
One single legal management software for Case Management, Matter Management, Practice Management, Document Creation, Calendar, Emails, Solicitors Accounts, Billing & Finance Management. Hoxro LMS Case Management System enables the user to keep a finger on the pulse on the day to day running of their practice. Due to the seamless sync technology embedded within the core of the software Hoxro LMS Case Management System provides live information, be it fee-earner performance, management statistics, billing statistics or financial information.
Library of Documents
Handle and manage documents like never before. Hoxro LMS Case Management System can accommodate thousands of drafts, contacts and precedents. The user can create, edit, store and automate effortlessly. Have the flexibility of amending or updating documents from within the comprehensive Library.
BLibrary of Documents - HOXRO LMS
Mail Merge Documents - HOXRO LMS
Mail Merge Documents
Mail merge allows data to be readily assimilated form the relevant matter details. This is a very powerful tool which can generate large documents quickly and accurately. Letter and attendances that are set in the Hoxro LMS Case Management System library can be mail merged.
Case Management
Traditional desktop Case Management Systems have evolved over the last 30 years without the need to address issues we face today or having to deal with current working and regulatory requirements. Modern legal case management systems need to go beyond maintaining a list of cases and allow users to effectively work on their case load. Using Hoxro LMS Legal Management to manage your work is simply a better experience.
Built-in Documents - HOXRO LMS
All-inclusive Access to All

All-inclusive Access

Use every feature & function without paying for separate modules. A single licence gives you the best of everything Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has to offer. We are democratising legal technology by making it more accessible.

Best-in-class Security

Best-in-class Security

We take a safety first approach when it comes to data and privacy. We have partnered with the best technology solution providers to make Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software one of the most secure legal software on the market. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software utilizes 256 bit SSL Certificates for encrypted transmission of your firm’s data.

Hybrid Deployment Options-Your Choice

Hybrid Deployment

Use Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software as a web application by leveraging our advanced infrastructure. Or deploy it within your existing cloud infrastructure. You can even deploy it within your local environment where data & document are stored in your local office server.

Quick Migration

Quick Migration

Looking to move from existing software? Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software makes it simple. Your data can be seamlessly migrated and your team can be easily on-boarded in just days.

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  • UNLIMITED cloud storage for collaboration no matter how large the migration
  • DEDICATED 24/7 technical support
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Everthing in One Place
Matter Management
Intelligent Matter tracking
Firm-wide view of each case
100s of Precedents and Letters
Legal Forms
Legal Accounting & Billing
Track Billable Hours
Bank reconciliation
Track Budgets and Prepare Bills
Enterprise Level Integrations
Microsoft Word Online/PC/Mobile
Microsoft Excel Online/PC/Mobile
Office365 Email Integration
Stay Organised
Notification Centre
Import/Export/Share Calendars
Task Manager
Smart Time Recording Alerts
Mobile Applications
PC, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
Native IOS and Android Apps
24/7 Access to your Matters
Flexible Options
Ability to reassign licenses
Enterprise Level Security
No contractual tie-ins
HOXRO has everything you need for your legal practice.

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