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Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software is the world's most intuitive & intelligent legal case management software. Its innovative interface & features are designed to solve all existing problems that lawyers & solicitors face when using legal technology.

Our Story
Badly designed interfaces cost you in time, energy & productivity. Discover intelligent design that anticipates your actions and shows you relevant features. Perform & complete tasks without leaving your existing window. All features are easily accessible and are ready at your fingertips. Hoxro meets all your practice management needs.
Continue to provide ground breaking and innovative solutions to our users. We focus on identifying the real-life issues faced by lawyers today. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to provide functional solutions without compromising or complicating the experience. We focus on identifying and implementing the latest technologies which adds real value to the practice needs of our valued users.
To be approachable & friendly. To work with a foundation of integrity. To be efficient & customer-driven. To have a continuous quest for improvement and be at the helm of legal technology. We encourage feedback from our clients as we are aware that to remain at the top of our game it is imperative that we listen. By using this approach, we have developed a legal software that arms the user with simple and effective tools that add value to their business.
Great products are built by talented enthusiasts who are passionate about solving real problems. The Hoxro team brings a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience & effective methodology. We are driven by our mission to continuously innovate the most intelligent legal system for lawyers across the globe.
Our Team - HOXRO LMS
Why Hoxro?
Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software offers an all-inclusive solution for your legal practice needs. It has been designed as the ultimate Practice Management Software.

Are you sick of having to use a combination of Practice Management Software to ensure your practice needs are tended to? Are you sick of having to pay through the nose for add-ons with your existing Practice Management Software? At Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software when you take out a licence, you get EVERYTHING as part of the package.

Some Practice Management Software feel the need to charge you an extortionate fee (in the tens of thousands) for the privilege of using their system and then have the temerity of locking you into a contract for a minimum of 12 months (more likely 36 months). We at Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software are so confident in our Practice Management Software that we don’t feel the need to lock you in for any term. Our fee structure is very simple; you pay £65 plus VAT per licence per month on pay as you go basis. In the unlikely event that you decide that Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software is not for you, no hard feelings, you are free to leave. It is that simple.

Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software - No Contract EVER.

Web v Install

Welcome to the 21st Century. Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software has begun the long-awaited move from the old-fashioned install server-based software, which is predominant within the legal software industry. Due to recent advances in web-based development capabilities Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software have been able to produce a Practice Management Software that does away with the restrictions that are inherent within install software. [Link to Legal Software Why Lawyers are embracing Web Applications]

The right Practice Management Software is essential for all law firms to be effectively manage their work. Unlike legacy Practice Management Software, Hoxro LMS brings out a totally new experience of using and also enjoying the experience of using a Practice Management Software that has been built with the user in mind.

An All-in-One approach to Practice Management Software.

We believe that an efficient Practice Management Software should provide the lawyer with all the tools that are required to work effectively. Traditional Practice Management Software have advocated modular structure with little collaboration between these modules. With our collaborative and integrated structure, there is seldom a need to move from module to module.

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