Feature Overview

Hoxro is the world's most intelligent cloud-based legal software designed to
help you improve your productivity, performance & profitability.

Fully Integrated
Hoxro LMS is built with convenience in mind. Everything is integrated which makes it easy for client and legal accounting as well as accounting for disbursements. Hoxro Legal Accounting Software has been built to ensure that the COFA (compliance officer for finance and administration) can meet their obligation of the SRA Accounts Rules.
Simplified Postings
Making postings shouldn't be complicated. With Hoxro Legal Accounting Software you can now make single or multiple entries in just seconds. As Hoxro LMS, the Legal Accounting Software Module is linked to matter management, simply entering the name of the client will pull up the records and link the entries to the particular matter.
Deal in multiple currencies in Hoxro Legal Accounting Software. When foreign amounts are posted, Hoxro Legal Accounting Software records the transaction in the base currency and allows the foreign currency to be viewed at the set exchange rate.
Multi-Company Consolidated and Group accounting allows firms with more that one entity to collectively report from a group perspective. Hoxro Legal Accounting Software is Multi-Company ready. Users with the relevant access permissions can also switch between companies without the need to sign out.
Full Audit
View and track all your financial entries. Full audit logs allow the visualization of all your business-critical data. Easily view transactions that are:

  • Bank reconciled
  • VAT reconcied
  • Date and time created
  • By whom they were created
Work in Progress (WIP) Accounting
Hoxro Legal Accounting Software is “Balance Sheet focused and Profit & Loss driven”. It can act as your management/cost accountant by giving you views to reducing costs and maximizing revenue. Law firm, Lawyers and Solicitors who value their WIP will achieve long term growth and profitability.
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