Simple pay-as-you-go plan
Hoxro LMS aims to democratise legal software by making advanced technology more accessible to all lawyers. Manage your firm without any upfront installation, onsite technical support or ongoing annual costs. Ideal for small and medium-size law firms. No minimum purchases or commitments. No termination costs. Cancel anytime. Sign up for your first license for free.
Get your First Licence FREE for life!
  • UNLIMITED cloud storage for collaboration no matter how large the migration
  • DEDICATED 24/7 technical support
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per licence excluding VAT

Payment methods of Hoxro
Everthing in One Place
Matter Management
  • Intelligent Matter tracking
  • Firm-wide view of each case
  • 100s of precedents and letters
  • Legal Forms
Legal Accounting & Billing
  • Track Bilable Hours
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Track Budgets and Prepare Bills
  • Legal Forms
Enterprise Level Integrations
  • Microsoft Wordl Online/PC/Mobile
  • Microsoft Excel Online/PC/Mobile
  • Office365 Email Integration
  • Legal Forms
MObile Applications
  • Pc, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Native IOS & Android Apps
  • 24/7 Access to your Matters
Stay Organised
  • Notification Centre
  • Import / Export/ Share Calendars
  • Task Manager
  • Smmart Time Recording Alerts
Flexible Options
  • Ability to reassign licenses
  • Enterprise Level Security
  • No contractual tie-ins

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