Managing your day-to-day cases has never been this easy. Improve efficiency & productivity by executing processes faster. Co-edit, chat & collaborate with team members with ease.

View What Matters
Hoxro Case & Matter Management Software, by default, shows all your matters from the moment you log in. Pin the cases that you are working on. Set up reminders to ensure that nothing is missed. You can work on your matters and then pick up where you left off on any device. Want to see your emails and tasks at all times? No problem, design your own home screen to include those aspects that you feel are important to carry out your role properly.

Hoxro Case & Matter Management Software is designed to make work flexible and intuitive. Carry out a task directly from your Task List and have instant synchronization to your matter screen. Send an email from within the matter screen as well as the email tab; the choice is yours.
Work from Anywhere - HOXRO LMS
Work as team - HOXRO LMS
Enhanced Teamwork
Hoxro Case & Matter Management Software enables you to work with both internal and external teams effortlessly. Quickly monitor your production units against set targets. Easily co-edit documents and collaborate on cases. Instantly communicate with your team via chat.
Work as team - HOXRO LMS
Boost Productivity & Performance
Want to know if your team are working efficiently? Hoxro Case & Matter Management Software provides the tools to ensure that nothing is missed. There is no hiding place with Hoxro LMS! Check when a case was last accessed or worked with a click of the mouse. Carry out effective file reviews and automate alerts when required work has been carried out. With Hoxro Case & Matter Management Software, you can view & filter all the work done on clients separately. As a manager, you can see how your team members are running their matters. You can review and provide feedback via chat. Easily micromanage without having to spend wasted time and effort in having to go through the full matter history.
Work as team - HOXRO LMS
Choose how you Case Manage
Traditional Case Management Software fail to address key issues such as the stage and progression of a matter. Hoxro Case Management Software provides you with great flexibly and choice in how you would like to manage your cases within your organization. Micro Management is made simple as you can easily review files and communicate directly with your peers.
HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.

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